Who Becomes a Mason?

Many Masons become Masons because a family member is, or was a Mason. Others become Masons because they have friends or co-workers who are Masons. Even with that it is difficult to learn about Masonry. Questions like what are the benefits of Masonry? What could being a Mason mean to me? Men who have belonged to things that seem larger than life, that have great purpose or have been part of a group that had a strong determination to accomplish something share a similar experience. It is a bond that is deeper than friendship and equally loyal. A Mason can meet a Mason in any part of the world and be welcomed as if lifelong friends. This is because they are joined by a collective experience and a shared commitment to moral integrity. Men who meet regularly and share a Lodge find fellowship and a commonality of interest to be better men. This is the crux of Masonry, this deep determination to be a better man, a more meaningful part of society and a light to other men. The vehicle for this in Masonry is through the study of history and the use of metaphor in teaching great truths as well as in the discussion of principles of healthy and moral behavior. It is exemplified through the living examples of Brother Master Masons within and outside of a Lodge.
Is Masonry for you? Listen deeply. What do you most want?
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Find a Mason and talk with him.